Become LCCI GQ Registered Training Site

Benefits of Becoming an LCCI GQ Registered Training Sites:

  • International Association
  • Image/ Brand Enhancement
  • Authorization to run internationally bench marked qualifications
  • Range of qualifications
  • Opportunity to be part of growing network
  • Quality Assurance and International Standard Systems
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS)

LCCI GQ Registered Training Sites :

Hospitality Training Sites :

LCCI GQ’s International Partner Organizations :

Steps to Become LCCI GQ Approved Partner/Registered Training Center :

After going through the Briefing presentation in the download section.

  1. Submit the Enquiry Form (click the Enquiries button below to fill the same)
  2. Telephonic discussion on programme and partnership intent.
  3. Submit Site Application Form along with proposal from the prospective center.
  4. Preliminary review and discussion with the prospective center.
  5. Validation Visit by LCCI GQ of the prospective center.
  6. Further to validation report being positive, get approval of Registered Training Site

For details contact: BD@LCCIGQ.COM | 9801185357 | 01-5525671
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